The Best 13 Shiny Pokemon (Ranked)

Welcome to all my fellow Poké-enthusiasts! Let’s take a walk down the Shiny Lane and take a look at our top 13 Shiny Pokémon!

Heads up: This isn’t your everyday list of shiny Pokémon! No, no no! It’s a dash of informative insight, a pinch of color commentary, and a whole heap of beautiful Poke-pictures all rolled into one!

From baby-blue Gyarados to glam-rock Zigzagoon, we’re diving into the fantastical world of shiny Pokémon with our ‘Top 13 Best Shiny Pokémon’ list.

Get ready to laugh, gasp, and maybe even rethink your favorite shinies as we embark on this light-hearted journey through Pokémon’s most vibrant catches!

#1. Shiny Charizard (Scarlet & Violet): This shiny takes Charizard’s “cool factor” to the next level. It’s like the designers thought, “You know what’s cooler than a fire-breathing dragon? A black fire-breathing dragon!”

#2. Shiny Umbreon (Legends of Arceus): The blue accents on shiny Umbreon’s rings give off a distinctly ’90s rave vibe. All it needs is some trance music and it’s ready to ‘glow-off’ at a dance party!

#3. Shiny Gyarados (Pokemon Scarlet & Violet): Shiny Gyarados is the poster child of the shiny Pokémon world and has been a staple of the franchise since day one. Famously found in the the Lake of Rage in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The fact that it’s bright red makes it seem even angrier, like it just received some particularly bad news from its boss!

#4. Shiny Metagross (Sword & Shield): Shiny Metagross looks like it’s been dipped in a vat of liquid gold and silver. Talk about “bling bling.” Be warned: Metagross is not an easy Pokemon to catch, and will most likely require dozens of Pokeballs.

#5. Shiny Greninja (Scarlet & Violet): It turns into a sleek ninja that’s ideal for stealth operations in the dark. It’s like it took Batman’s wardrobe advice. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you are only allowed to catch one Greninja throughout the entire game.

#6. Shiny Ponyta (Legends Arceus): With its shiny variant, Ponyta looks like it just ate a mint so strong it changed its fire to blue! Remember to brush your teeth, kids. Shiny Ponyta is another shiny Pokemon that you’ll only get one chance to catch. If it defeats you or escapes, you’ll never unfortunately never see it again.

#7. Shiny Aegislash (Sword & Shield): Aegislash decided that it didn’t just want to be a sword, it wanted to be the sword pulled from a stone in that classic tale we all know so well. Shiny Aegislash is a fan favorite or how rare it actually is.

#8. Shiny Chandelure (Sword & Shield): When in shiny form, Chandelure seems to be in a perpetual state of ‘Halloween’. It’s like it can’t decide whether it wants to be a decoration or a piece of candy corn. Still – there is just something great about catching a Pokemon that looks like something that should be hanging in your grandmas living room.

#9. Shiny Hawlucha (Scarlet & Violet): It’s the wrestling birb of our dreams, with a shiny version that looks like it was inspired by a villain in a superhero comic. All it needs now is a catchy villain name! Bad-Lucha, perhaps?

#10. Shiny Ditto (Scarlet & Violet): Ditto becomes a bright, conspicuous blue in its shiny form. A bit counterproductive for a creature whose main ability is to blend in…

#11. Shiny Zigzagoon (Sword & Shield): It went from looking like a regular raccoon to a raccoon that’s part of an ’80s glam rock band. Ziggy Stardust, anyone?

#12. Shiny Lugia (Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl): Shiny Lugia looks like it could lead a Santa Claus parade. Perhaps when it’s not battling, it takes a part-time job in the North Pole…

#13. Shiny Jigglypuff (Pokemon Go): It went from being a cute balloon to a cute balloon that looks like it might be an alien! Don’t be fooled by its shiny cuteness. It still wants to put you to sleep! Note: Shiny Jigglypuff can also be evolved into Shiny Wigglypuff!

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