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Best Pokémon Switch Games

What Are The Best Pokémon Switch Games?

So, let’s set the stage… You have your Nintendo Switch in hand, and you’re eager to find the best Pokémon game to add to your list of completed titles. Whether you’re a seasoned trainer or a newcomer to the Pokémon universe, the Nintendo Switch offers a treasure trove of Pokémon adventures that blend nostalgia alongside downright-fun gameplay.

You can explore the (massive) Galar region in Pokémon Sword and Shield, or capture the pure essence of Pokémon in the stunning New Pokémon Snap. These two games are stunners, but let’s cover all of the very best just in case you’ve already beaten these two. Get ready to discover which titles have roped in fans worldwide for over 25 years, and why they stand out as must-plays in the ever-evolving Pokémon saga. Join us as we delve into the top Pokémon games for the Nintendo Switch!

Below you will find our curated list of the best Pokémon games for Nintendo Switch as of December 2023:

1. Pokémon Sword and Shield

According to Reddit, Sword And Shield is without a doubt the most liked Pokémon game for the Switch. User Diser616 feels the Galar Region is visually amazing, and the number of Pokémon native to the land allows for multiple play throughs. Sword And Shield introduced a number of new, never before seen creatures into the game. User Sertroll is impressed with the character design within the game. Sw&Sh also brought in the Dynamax and Gigantamax phenomena, allowing Pokémon to grow to massive size during battles. This was a new game mechanic that many fans were initially surprised to see, but ultimately fell in love with.

If (for some odd reason) you were only allowed to purchase one single Pokémon game for Switch, Sword And Shield would be a fine choice.

2. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Number two on our list is another open-world adventure Pokémon game that invites players to explore the Paldea region. Scarlet and Violet was the first game in the storied franchise to introduce a non-linear game flow. This means you as the player are free to forge your own path. Gamers who enjoy titles such as Fallout or Skyrim will enjoy the vast open, free-roaming world. Reddit User itchydaemon puts it best: Scarlet and Violet are great entires to Pokémon for the Switch for experienced players, as the developers implemented plenty of fresh game mechanics to spice up the gameplay. However, the constant performance issues may be off-putting to new players of the franchise.

What we like about it:
– Open world
– Carve your own path
– Terastal phenomenon (who doesn’t love Shiny Pokémon?!)

3. New Pokémon Snap

Wrapping up our list of the best Pokémon games for Nintendo Switch is none other than New Pokémon Snap. Millennials will remember the original Pokémon Snap for N64 as one of the generations classics. New Pokémon Snap pulls out all the stops at remastering the generational masterpiece.

Reddit User owlitup has put together one of the best reviews on the game we have seen to date. Owlitup (and many others) agree that this on-rails shooter style game is super relaxing, and was made with tons of care. It stands out from just about every other Pokémon gameplay wise in that regard. Players are able to put their pure creative abilities to the test, as they try to capture the best possible shots of their favorite Pokémon. Last but not least, the graphics are some of the best you will find on any Switch game. Period.

In summary, New Pokémon Snap leverages the strengths of the Nintendo Switch to offer a visually stunning, relaxing, and engaging experience that stands out from other Pokémon titles with its focus on exploration and photography, rather than hunting and dueling.

Now that you know the best Pokémon games for Nintendo Switch, why not check out the best Pokémon games of all time?

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