Rare Candies Codes Pokemon FireRed

Welcome, trainers! Have you ever wished you could wave a magic Bulba wand and suddenly find your inventory overflowing with Rare Candies for Pokémon FireRed? Well, we don’t have magic Bulba (or Charizard) wands here, but we do have the next best thing – Rare Candies codes!

Master Codes (Don’t worry, you’ll be a Pokémon Master after using this)

  • 83005000 61A1

Note for Codebreaker users: you can skip the Master Code altogether. Just key in the specific cheat code you want from the list below, and get straight to the action!

Ready for an endless supply of Rare Candies?

Here you go:

  • 820258400044

And voila! Your Pokémon will be feasting on Rare Candies in Pokemon FireRed like there’s no tomorrow!

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a video to guide you through the process:

And wait, there’s more! You don’t just have to stick with Rare Candies. You can have all sorts of items at your disposal. Simply replace the ‘xxxx’ in the code 82025840 xxxx with these digits for your desired item:

  • 0001 for Masterballs – Catch ’em all with ease!
  • 0044 for Candies – Sweet level up treats for your Pokémon
  • 0019 for Max Revive – No Pokémon left behind!
  • 0013 for Full Restore – Your Pokémon deserves full health
  • 002D for Sacred Ash – Just in case things get really tough
  • 00C5 for Lucky Egg – Because who doesn’t want to get lucky?

Keep your Pokémon FireRed adventure going with all these fun power-up codes. Enjoy, trainers!

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