Quick Ways to Earn Gil in Final Fantasy 16: An In-Depth Guide

In the fantastical world of Valisthea in Final Fantasy 16, having a hefty reserve of Gil is essential for a smooth gameplay experience. Whether you need to buy powerful weapons, magic materials, or accessories to aid you in your journey, having ample Gil is indispensable. In this guide, we’re sharing some effective strategies to earn Gil as quickly as possible in Final Fantasy XVI, providing you with the necessary financial stability for your epic adventure.

The Hunt Board: Seek and Earn

The Hunt Board presents one of the most challenging yet rewarding ways to make Gil. Available throughout Valisthea, these side quests primarily involve hunting formidable monsters, classified by difficulty from C to S, with S marking the toughest beasts.

On completion of these hunts, you receive lucrative rewards such as weapons and armor, as well as a significant amount of Gil. While it is certainly one of the more challenging methods to earning Gil, the financial outcome (and joy of defeating monsters) makes it worth your efforts.

However, access to the Hunt Board feature only become available after completing the “Gathering Storm” quest. As you progress through the main story the Hunt Board will continue to expand. Each expansion of the Hunt Board adds more notorious enemies, each offering handsome rewards upon defeat.

Sidequests: An Adventure within an Adventure

Although side quests might not seem the most appealing at first glance, they offer a plethora of opportunities to earn Gil while exploring the world of Valisthea. These tasks often involve interacting with NPCs and completing objectives, which are usually less challenging and quicker compared to main story quests.

The rewards from side quests vary, but they often include Gil, items, and opportunities to upgrade equipment like your Potion Pouch. These quests are marked by a green icon and can be accepted by talking to various NPCs.

Profit through Crafting and Sales

Crafting in Final Fantasy 16 has a dual benefit. Not only does it allow you to create your own weapons, gear, and equipment, but it also offers an avenue to make Gil by selling items you no longer need.

Pay a visit to the forge, “The Black Hammer”, and meet with the blacksmith Blackthorne in the Hideaway. Here, you can forge low-level, easy-to-craft goods, which you can later sell for a decent amount of Gil.

Note: Selling items obtained from fallen enemies can earn you Gil in a jiffy. These dropped items can be sold at “Charon’s Toll,” also located in the Hideaway. This method is an excellent way of making quick Gil without straying too far from your main journey.

Accessorize to Capitalize: Earning Gil with Accessories

Certain accessories in Final Fantasy 16 can enhance the amount of Gil earned. Accessories such as the Golden Testament and the Cait Sith Charm, (when equipped) increase Gil earned by 35% and 25% respectively. The Golden Testament can be purchased from Charon’s Toll, while the Cait Sith Charm is a bonus for pre-ordering the game.

Is Enough Gil Ever Actually… Enough?

Final Fantasy 16 provides a host of methods to earn Gil, some more challenging or time-consuming than others. Whether you’re tracking down dangerous monsters, completing side quests, crafting and selling items, or strategically utilizing accessories, there are plenty of opportunities to build your wealth. This financial security will significantly aid your journey through the captivating world of Valisthea. As Shania Twain wisely sang, “We live in a greedy little world, that teaches every little boy and girl. To earn as much as they possibly can,” and Final Fantasy 16 is (perhaps unfortunately) no different.

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