Best Early Game Skills and Abilities Ranked in Final Fantasy XVI

Early Game Skills and Abilities Ranked in Final Fantasy 16

Prepare yourself to embrace the magic of Final Fantasy 16 by understanding the wide-range of abilities in game. Gaming Horizon can help redefine your gaming experience with the top 10 power-packed skills and abilities for early game domination

#1. Beacon of Resurgence: Flames of Rebirth
Although this ability is available very early game, Flames of Rebirth requires a significant amount of ability points. Its unique blend of damage infliction and healing capabilities make it an interesting choice. But remember, you’ll have to sacrifice a number of other ability upgrades in order to afford Flames of Rebirth.

#2. Bounce Back Champion: Swift Recovery
Swift Recovery is a situation-specific ability: In battles where it shines, it’s invaluable; in other circumstances, you’ll wish you saved your skill points for a different ability. It helps you recover swiftly from enemy knockdowns. If you embrace this skill early, you must understand its potential and identify the scenarios where it can turn the tide of battle.

#3. Bursting Powerhouse: Charged Magic
Charged Magic enhances your damage output at opportune moments. It allows you to charge your magic spells by holding the triangle button, thereby increasing their overall strength and damage. This is a straightforward and easy-to-use ability, and is a combines well with just about any weapon arsenal in Final Fantasy XVI.

#4. Dual Destroyer: Gauge
Gauge summons two claws for a relentless assault on enemies. It’s effective in air, and it boosts your stagger damage multiplier. It’s ideal for crowd control or against high HP foes. Upgrading Gauge further will also speed up your follow-up strikes.

#5. Skyborne Fighter: Stomp
With Stomp, you can launch enemies off with the press of the X button. It increases your jump height and air time, paving the way for stunning (and beautiful) aerial combos. It transforms your combat experience, and is one of the more enjoyable abilities in game.

#6. Blazing Fury: Burning Blade
Burning Blade allows Clive to channel power into his sword, and release a fierce flaming assault. It boosts your combo damage while giving you an upper hand against difficult enemies. As one of Clive’s early abilities, we consider it worth the 25 ability point investment for an edge in battle.

#7. Aerial Hammer: Downthrust
For those who use Stomp, Downthrust is the perfect complementary ability. The combination of the X and square buttons sends you hurtling downward for massive damage output. It allows for a dynamic attack pattern, enabling you to evade projectiles. It’s one of the most beneficial ‘defensive’ abilities in game.

#8. Rapid Raider: Lunge
Lunge lets you dash forward and initiate combos rapidly, eliminating enemies in quick succession. It’s not as flashy as others but significantly improves your offensive capabilities and overall success rate. Use it to quickly dodge one enemy while striking another.

#9. Strategic Retreater: Rook’s Gambit
Rook’s Gambit allows a single backward jump before a potent counter attack. Evading an attack in the process enhances the damage and reduces the cooldown period. This ability shines in one-on-one fights, allowing for heavy damage within a short timeframe.

#10. Fiery Defender: Heatwave
Heatwave is the perfect response to enemies attacking from a distance. It lets you summon a wall of fire to nullify incoming projectiles and retaliate with damaging shock waves. Master this ability to increase your offensive power against AOE & Range Attack foes launching magical projectiles.

It’s important to note that you can refund all abilities and funnel points back into abilities that suit your play style as the game progresses. The flexibility was a nice addition from Square Enix, and allows you to constantly adapt and overcome challenges in your gaming journey through Final Fantasy 16.

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