Top Five Wants For Remnant 2 From Remnant Vets: Rip The Root Asunder

1) Bring Forth the Blades of Fury: Yearning for more melee weapons that exude an electric ecstasy, cutting through the stale air of monotony. The next Remnant installment must deliver a thunderous arsenal of blades, each infused with the promise of visceral satisfaction. And let us not forget the cruciality of better weapon mods, igniting the fires of creativity in the hands of the players, unleashing a symphony of carnage upon our foes.

2) Armor, Thou Shall Be Armor: Armor, oh armor, you feeble pretender in the realms of Remnant: From the Ashes, your feeble embrace offered little solace against even the weakest enemies. Let the next iteration of this arcane dance rectify this pathetic plight. The armor must embody an impenetrable sanctuary, shielding our avatars from the clutches of death itself. No longer shall we suffer the ignominy of one-shot kills in the hallowed halls of boss fights. Salvation lies in donning armor that can withstand the tempest, a true bastion against oblivion.

3) Boss Fights: The Theater of Carnage: In the lexicon of Remnant, a boss fight must be a visceral ballet of survival and annihilation. Spare us from the tedium of slaying a swarm of inconsequential beasts, rendering the battle an exercise in triviality. Keep the legions of lesser foes confined to the exploration phase, allowing the boss encounters to ascend to their rightful throne. We crave battles that ignite our very souls, where every strike reverberates with significance and every victory tastes of triumphant blood.

4) A Nexus of Immersion: Deliver unto us a hub world of profound depth, a sanctuary where we can commune with fellow travelers and embark on quests of grandiosity. Unveil a realm teeming with secrets, riddles, and trials, rewarding our curiosity with enticing treasures. Let the quests be woven with narratives that ensnare our imagination, leading us down twisted paths of adventure. A deeper hub world, where the boundaries of reality blur, shall forge an unbreakable bond between player and game.

5) The Crossroads of Co-op: The advent of co-op must bring forth rewards, mysterious and unique, attainable only through the camaraderie of cross play. In the crucible of shared experiences, let us forge alliances, trample adversaries, and unravel secrets that remain elusive to solo travelers. The spoils of cooperation should be enticing and tantalizing, bestowing upon us the thrill of exclusive treasures and the fervor of shared triumphs. For it is in the realm of co-op that the true power of Remnant shall be unlocked, binding players across platforms in a tapestry of blood and glory.

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