New ‘Super Mario’ RPG Screenshots Pay Homage to the original


It’s-a me, Mario, here with some pipin’ hot news straight from the oven of Nintendo’s Japanese website. They’ve just released a ‘spicy meatball’ of new images for our soon-to-be-served Super Mario RPG, which is a shiny new version of the 1996 SNES classic. These images, much like the trailer, are sprinkled with nostalgia, showcasing scenes from the 16-bit version that my loyal fans will find as familiar as their mama’s homemade lasagna.

This spicy dish was served up in a YouTube video by GameXplain, pointing out the slideshow of crispy high-res images, and some bite-sized screenshots showing in-game battles and action sequences from the original Super Mario RPG. It’s like going back to the original recipe, only with a little extra seasoning! You can taste the development team’s respect for the 27-year-old recipe that started it all.

One screenshot shows Geno, my pasta-loving buddy from Super Mario RPG, going mano-a-mano with Bowyer, an early boss who seems to have a thing for being a living bow and stealing Star Pieces. Poor Geno needs those to fix the broken Star Road! But hey, just like in the good old days, Bowyer’s arrow minions are giving him a hard time. That’s amore’!

In another screenshot, the usually big-bad Bowser is playing nice-nice with my party outside a tower. Why, you ask? To stop the new menace, Booster, from forcing Princess Toadstool (Peach) into marriage! Guess Bowser’s got a little competition, eh? The folks at GameXplain pointed out that this is like a sequel to a scene from the trailer where Bowser is the demolition expert, cracking open the entrance door of Booster Tower with his shell. The only little change you might ask? Geno and our fluffy friend Mallow are also there for the pow-wow!

And speaking of our fluffy buddy, Mallow, here is a picture of him in his early days, falling from the sky in front of Princess Toadstool’s castle. Good thing Mario was there to lend a helping glove (hand)!

The Super Mario RPG surprise was served up during the Nintendo Direct in late June, 2023. This surprise entrée was paired with the upcoming side-scroller Super Mario Bros. Leaving fans as excited as when they get the last piece of pizza! If you’re eager and hungry to dive into this remastered dish, mark your calendar for November 11. Mama mia, here we go again!

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