How To Unlock Eikons in Final Fantasy XVI

Since the 90s, the Final Fantasy series has been synonymous with epic battles featuring a group of heroes who employ both brute strength and arcane abilities to overpower their foes. A crucial part of the games combat mechanics has been the summoning of legendary Eikons, also known as mythical entities, which function as a last resort or ‘ace up the sleeve’ for the player’s party.

This game play feature is even more pronounced in Final Fantasy XVI, with the protagonist Clive capable of not just summoning these divine entities, but also absorbing their power to enhance his combat skills. Clive also has the ability to occasionally transform into an Eikon himself.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to unlock these Eikons and effectively utilize them in battle throughout your adventures in Valisthea.

Unlocking Eikon Capabilities:

Despite having an inherent knack for using multiple Eikons from the start of the game, Clive won’t be able to use them immediately. The access to Eikons only becomes available post-prologue, following the Phoenix-Ifrit duel. This encounter opens up the Phoenix Eikon skill tree, enabling Clive to learn and improve upon the Phoenix Eikon abilities just like his core skills and attributes.

As you progress through the game, Clive will encounter different Dominants, each possessing a unique Eikon. Overcoming these Final Fantasy 16 bosses in combat will lead Clive to acquire their powers and in turn, unlock new Eikon skill trees.

Employing Eikons in Combat:

Once you’ve unlocked Eikons, their abilities can be integrated into your combat strategy and used dynamically during fights. While each Eikon boasts several abilities, only two can be equipped simultaneously. Holding down R2 followed by pressing the Square or Triangle button triggers these abilities. The desired abilities can be assigned to each Eikon through the Gear & Eikons menu.

The acquisition of the second Eikon enables the cycling between your Eikon load-outs during combat by pressing the L2 button. This brings an additional layer of complexity to the combat system, allowing you to choose the most suitable ability depending on the situation. For instance, Geruda’s abilities can be used to quickly deplete the enemy’s defense, staggering them and creating an opportunity to use the powerful Phoenix abilities to inflict significant damage.

Quick Tip: Simultaneous access to multiple Eikons means you can alternate between them while their abilities recharge, ensuring you always have a potent attack at your disposal.

In Final Fantasy XVI, the series’ long-standing tradition of Eikons, known in this installment as ‘Summons,’ remains pivotal to the gameplay. Clive, the playable protagonist, can unlock the powers of new Eikons throughout the course of the primary storyline. There are eight playable Eikons in total, in addition to two non-playable enemy Eikons that function as unique boss fights.

Unleashing Every Eikon:

Gaining access to every Eikon in Final Fantasy XVI is pretty straightforward. All eight Eikons are encountered as part of the main storyline, so players simply need to advance in the game. Typically, players have to vanquish the Eikon’s Dominant in combat to gain their powers. These boss fights are typically challenging, and may require multiple attempts. Nonetheless, for enthusiasts of Final Fantasy, this will be a rewarding endeavor.

Phoenix Eikon In Flight

Eikon List:

  1. Phoenix (Fire), is tied to Clive’s brother Joshua. Players can start using Phoenix’s Eikonic Abilities from the “Sunrise, Sunset” main story mission.
  2. Garuda (Wind), is linked to Benedikta Harman. It can be unlocked during the “Headwind” main story mission, and provides strong wind abilities particularly useful against airborne foes.
  3. Ifrit (Fire), Clive’s own Eikon, appears during the “Flight of the Fledgling” main story mission. Although, it’s not until the “The
    Meaning of Life” mission, that players can utilize all of Ifrit’s abilities. With fewer Eikonic Abilities compared to the other Eikons in Final Fantasy XVI, Ifrit’s prowess lies in combining his abilities with those of Phoenix.
  4. Ramuh (Lightning), is initially Cid’s Eikon but is transferred to Clive towards the end of “The Crystals’ Curse” main story mission. Ramuh’s abilities specialize in stunning enemies with shock attacks while also delivering substantial damage.
  5. Titan (Earth), is Dominant Hugo Kupka’s Eikon. Titan is introduced early in the main story. This Eikon is earth-centric and it’s hard-hitting abilities become accessible during the “Bolts from the Blue” main story mission.
  6. Bahamut (Light), is linked to Dion Lesage, the Crown Prince of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque. Bahamut’s abilities are unlocked after the “Fire in the Sky” main story mission. Bahamut allows players to rain destruction down upon their foes.
  7. Shiva (Ice), is available after completing the “Through the Maelstrom” main story mission. Her Dominant is Jill Warrick, a former ward to the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, and a childhood friend of Clive and Joshua. Shiva’s balanced icy abilities make her a versatile choice, and she pairs nicely with Clive’s typical fiery abilities.
  8. Odin (Dark), is the final playable Eikon. He is tied to Barnabas Tharmr, the King of Waloed. His dark elemental abilities become accessible during “The Last King” main story mission.

Beyond these eight playable Eikons, players will also encounter two enemy Eikons: Typhon and Titan.

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