How to Fast Travel in Final Fantasy 16

Fast Travel in Final Fantasy XVI Allows for Quick and Seamless Exploration

You can explore and revisit the diverse regions of Valisthea with ease in Final Fantasy 16 all thanks to the game’s fast travel feature. This guide will get you up to speed (no pun intended) on fast traveling, making your quests and hunts significantly more convenient.

Navigating Valisthea Using Obelisks and Maps:
As you journey across Valisthea, you’ll discover Obelisks, which are your keys to fast travel. Simply find and activate these Obelisks travel between them immediately.

In order to fast travel, simply open the local (or world) map, and select your desired region or Obelisk by holding down “X.” Once an Obelisk is activated it will emit a blue energy and remain functional for the rest of the game. As long as you’re not engaged in a Main Mission you can return to them at anytime.

The local map will provide you with a layout of the current region you’re in. Some regions feature more Obelisks based on their size. The region’s border is also visible on the local map, and reaching it will trigger the world map to transition between regions. Alternatively, you can open your world map at any time in order to leave the current region without having to reach its border.

Local Map in Final Fantasy XVI

Traveling Between Regions Via the World Map:
As you advance in the main storyline, new regions become accessible. Typically you will reach a new region during main storyline gameplay. Once the mission is complete, you can return to any previously explored region via the World Map.

In order to do this simply hold down the touchpad over a region in the World Map. This feature allows you to fast travel directly to a specific Obelisk within a different (already explored) region.

World map of Final Fantasy 16

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